7 Spa Marketing Ideas To Engage New And Returning Clients

7 Spa Marketing Ideas To Engage New And Returning Clients

Key takeaways

  • Spa marketing ideas are crucial for attracting new clients and keeping current customers engaged 
  • Share videos on your social media accounts that display your spa technicians’ expertise to boost engagement and trust
  • Consider investing in software that can improve your marketing campaigns and make appointment booking more convenient for clients

Nothing says self-care like a trip to the spa. From facials and massages to waxing and pedicures, spa treatments are not just a luxury—they’re a way to relax and take a break from the stressors of modern life. It’s no wonder the global spa industry is expected to surpass $127 billion in 2022. 

But while demand for spa services is high, there are already over 20,000 spas established in the U.S. To stand out from the crowd, you need a solid spa marketing plan that helps you reach the right clients. Consider these seven spa marketing ideas to support your spa business plan.

1. Grow your email list with first-time client discounts

A robust email list is crucial for acquiring new clients. When you solicit potential clients’ contact information, you can send personalized email marketing campaigns and first-time discounts that will entice them to try your services. Build your email list by offering an incentive to sign up, such as 20% off first visits for any new subscriber.

Whether you want to promote a new spa package or new products, invite subscribers to a giveaway, or share wellness tips, your email list lets you nurture leads who are already interested in your services. 

And with email marketing software like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, you can set up a campaign that automatically sends the discount to new subscribers or even create website pop-ups that promote the signup discount to visitors.

2. Build a customer loyalty program

Your company needs to maintain a rock-solid customer base to continue growing. A customer loyalty program can help you turn clients into regulars by rewarding repeat customers for their purchases and engagement with your brand.

Consider offering points to clients each time they take a specific action, such as checking into your spa, spending $50, or trying a new service. Clients can then trade in their points for perks—typically, a free service or gift card. You can also send rewards to customers on their birthdays or the anniversaries of their first purchase.

Your loyalty program can also double as a referral program. For example, offer extra points or bigger perks to loyal customers who successfully refer new clients to your spa, which can power word-of-mouth for your business.

Loyalty program software like Fivestars and Belly can help both you and your clients track reward points easily.

3. Manage your online reputation and connect with customers on Yelp

Spa marketing ideas: happy woman using a tablet

When customers search for a new spa—they want to find a business they can trust. One spa marketing idea that can boost your online reputation is adding or claiming your Yelp Business Page. On Yelp, you can connect with customers by responding to online reviewsupdating your business information, and uploading high-quality pictures.

As you build a trustworthy online presence on Yelp, your Yelp Business Page will reach users already searching for spa businesses like yours. To further boost your visibility, consider investing in Yelp Ads, which allow your business to show up above relevant Yelp search results and on competitors’ pages. You can set your own Yelp advertising budget and only pay when you get a click, so you never overspend.

4. Engage potential clients with social media videos

Video is booming across social media platforms—making up 82% of total web traffic in 2022. Posting videos on your social media page can elevate your social media marketing and get your brand noticed—all while putting your self-care and wellness expertise on display.

To position your spa as an industry leader, create and share videos that offer value to your followers. Some effective video ideas include:

  • Skincare tips from your spa esthetician
  • Live demos with your nail technicians
  • Tutorials on how to use salon products at home

You don’t have to be or hire a professional editor to build engagement with video marketing. Small business owners can make high-quality videos by filming with their phones in good lighting and using video editing apps such as KineMaster or Splice (or the built-in editing tools on video apps like TikTok.)

5. Get more bookings with online scheduling software

Your booking process should be as approachable and relaxing as your spa treatments. Great spa websites allow potential customers to book appointments online without having to leave the site or make a phone call. Consider using scheduling software like Schedul or Appointy to streamline the process and collect customers’ contact information for follow-ups and appointment reminders.

You can also allow clients to make purchases online (e.g., merchandise, gift cards, spa services). Anything that increases convenience is an effective spa marketing idea proven to boost sales. In fact, 97% of shoppers have abandoned a sale because making a purchase was inconvenient, and 52% say half or more of their purchases are influenced by convenience.

6. Show up on search engines with local SEO

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Search engines are another common tool clients use to find local businesses. When potential customers search for spas in their area, local search engine optimization (SEO) improves your changes of showing up as one of the first results—boosting your web traffic even further. 

To appear in local searches, you need to improve your local SEO rankings by including local keywords throughout your spa website. These may be geographic terms, such as your city, state, and nearby neighborhoods, or spa-specific phrases, such as “day spa in Denver” or “manicure near downtown LA.”

7. Create a cohesive brand experience

Building brand awareness—which is how consumers recognize your brand—is essential for standing out in the spa industry. If you create a cohesive and consistent look and feel for your brand—for example, using both a warm, friendly tone online and onsite at your spa—clients will begin to trust that experience. 

No matter what channel potential customers use to interact with your company, they should know what your brand stands for and recognize those values across platforms. Your brand personality includes everything from the tone of voice to the fonts you use. Simply using the same color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%.

Put these spa marketing ideas into action

Improving your spa marketing strategy can help you reach new customers while keeping loyal clients engaged. Whether you’re sending email campaigns to new leads, claiming your page on a business directory and review sites like Yelp, or sharing tips on social media, your efforts can lead to faster growth for your spa. 

For more spa promotion ideas, consider these eight digital marketing ideas.

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