Meet Soda Spoon

Soda Spoon gets its name from an old wives’ tale from one of our founder's grandmother, who always put a spoon in a glass of soda before putting it in the fridge because she believed that it prevented the soda from going flat. 

Why name an agency after an old wives' tales? Simple! We started Soda Spoon because let’s face it: a lot of agencies rely on outdated strategies, or worse, old stories about what once worked in the early days of the internet. These are the old wives’ tales of the agency crowd, and they’re not nearly as charming as an adorable old lady confidently putting a spoon in her Pepsi. 

At Soda Spoon, we don’t use old wives’ tale or anecdotal evidence to shape our strategies for our clients. We research. We test. We analyze. We innovate. We get results.

And sometimes we put a spoon in our soda, because one old wives’ tale never hurt anybody.

richard ricketts

Meet Our CEO

Richard is a creative, innovative leader driven by a passion to create products and services that have the potential to change people’s lives. As a successful entrepreneur, he loves to use his skills and expertise to help others build the companies of their dreams.

When Richard isn't building brands, you can find him spending time with his family, driving one of his beloved cars, or relaxing on a golf course.

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