Quality Products

Let's take your brand from idea to reality. We'll help you find the perfect products for the business of your dreams for the right price thanks to our connections in a variety of industries.


Once you've found the right product, you need the right packaging. Our sourcing team will help you discover unique packaging solutions that fit both your product and your brand.

Expert Advice

Whether you're creating your first business or your hundredth, expert advice always comes in handy. Our team will help guide you through all of your sourcing needs and be there for you every step of the way.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Product Sourcing

What industries do you serve?

Too many to count! We have connections in over 50 industries, and we're always adding new ones. Whatever industry you're interested in, SodaSpoon will help you build your brand.

What products can you source?

Any product you want to sell! From mass-market favorites to little-known niches, we'll help you find the perfect sourcing solution.

What if I'm not sure what I want to sell?

No worries here! Our experts will help you discover the perfect product to build a brand around. Send us a message, and we'll start a conversation!